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In 1994, Victoria, BC, Canada, became home to Zero Gravity, a state-of-the-art recording studio the likes of which had never been seen before on Vancouver Island.


Designed by world renowned Westlake Audio (the company whose flagship studio in LA has recorded Michael Jackson, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Dave Matthews and a host of other great acts), Zero Gravity featured a setup employing the same Otari 24 track reel-to-reel tape deck used to record Thriller and the classic SSL G console among other analog wonders.


Most important, unlike many other studios built in spaces not intended for recording, it offered world class, acoustically engineered rooms complete with floating floors that guaranteed the best possible recorded sound.


Sadly, after eight years of successful operation, in which the likes of 54-40, Sarah McLachlan, and Nelly Furtado passed through its doors, Zero Gravity, like many other studios at the time, succumbed to the burgeoning home recording trend and shut its doors for good in 2002.


Fast forward to early 2010… Shane Yamamoto, Matt Gibbs, and Brendan Marshall, a young, forward-thinking production team, are looking for a space in which to develop a new studio.  Shane and Matt, having visited Zero Gravity in its heyday, wonder what has become of the original structure. After a quick google search and a call to a realtor, they discover that it’s not only intact but available! Vacant, covered with dust, and stripped of most of its gear ( except for the Otari deck and Genelec soffit-mounted monitors!) the engineered space that cost a million dollars to build is just waiting to be restored.


The team gets to work, bringing engineer/technician Aaron Scoones on board. Eight months and a ton of work later, Victoria is once again graced with a studio-like-no-other – Electric City Sound (ECS). Newly outfitted with a unique selection of the best analog and digital gear, beautiful instruments, and a killer up-and-coming production team, ECS is ready to put Victoria once again on the map as a world class recording destination.


The ECS team has also developed a unique community production approach that makes this world class facility a realistic option for everyone from jazz groups and community bands wanting to record “live off the floor”, to local producers with their own studios seeking the special features unique to the ECS space. Whether you are a new talent making your first record or a seasoned professional with a long list of recording credits, ECS can help you bring your project to life.

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